Fun with layers

SONY DSCI’ve been meaning to post more lately. In a few weeks I’ll be giving a guest lecture to some university students on food photography. I wanted all of the material to be my own – what better way to drive home the point that there’s so much they can do with their own photography and a little bit of image editing? I’ll post the HAL picture in a second, but this post’s focus is on the fact that I realized, I have no “signature” last slide that breaks the ice for a Q&A.

So, I got to capturing something fun but creative, emphasizing the many options of photography. I also missed working on B&W material, so I thought of doing 3 quick pictures with some wardrobe change for added differentiation; then layer, desaturate and playing with levels on Photoshop. The result is an original, informal and surprising last slide. I’ll probably do more of these, paying more attention to the scene and context, creating something cool with light/shadow. We’ll see what comes out of it. For now, today’s fun work: