HAL #43 – Crispy kale chips

Kale is one of my favorite veggies. It is leaf based – I’ve always liked leaves better than flowers – it is green (and dark green at that) which is a color I love and it is full of good stuff for you: beta-carotene, vitamins K & C, calcium and other elements that actually repair your DNA aiding to prevent cancer. It also lowers cholesterol! The only downfall is its strong taste when raw, which is not to everybody’s liking. Usually I use kale as part of a juice that I regularly make for dinner but there is a great easy way to make chips out of it that I learned from the amazing Mindfoodness:

First off – grab some nice looking kale!

Second – chop the leafy parts with your hands or a knife to separate them from the stem. Whether you want bigger or smaller chips is up to you, I tend to cut them medium sized.

Remember – don’t throw away the stems! Even without leaves they still have nutrients so you can still add these to a veggie/fruit juice.

Third – mix the kale leaves with no more than 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil: the goal is not to make them super oily but just lightly coat them so they’ll cook nicely in the oven. Sprinkle some salt too to improve the taste.

Fourth – Have your oven pre-heated to 350F and leave the kale cooking for no more than 15 minutes (depending on your oven they could be done sooner, I’d check after 10min to be safe).

Done! – Enjoy the healthy, crispy and tasty kale chips that come out of the oven!

HAL #42 – Asparagus stir fry, guacamole and garlic pita bread!

Yesterday there was yet another event in our department. As usual, the food provided was too much – or people just keep not eating enough –  and there was all sorts of leftovers. I was teaching a class at the time so I did not attend, yet the organizers were kind enough to save a bunch of food for me since they know I hate wasting food. Luckily, the Tupperware where I brought my salad for lunch was now empty, so I was able to bring food home. A LOT of it. That made last night’s dinner – no picture, sorry – but the best part was that as I was leaving, I heard our administrative running towards me saying “WAIT! YOU FORGOT THE PITA BREAD! THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT! TAKE IT HOME!”.


These people really know me. So I took the pita bread, and like last time… it’ll last for an eternity. SO MUCH. I made pita toasts for breakfast this morning and for HAL today I threw some pita in the mix too. Thus, today I prepared a delicious stir fry of asparagus, garlic and sunflower seeds, accompanied by some guacamole/chips and homemade garlic pita bread, oven roasted.

Ridiculously yummy food!


HAL #39 – Salmon burger!

When I get too stressed out working on my dissertation, creative cooking is always a great way to relax. Last week I made this awesome burger simply mincing salmon, garlic (a LOT of it, seriously, enough to kill a vampire on the spot), pepper and onion. Fried it with olive oil, used up some buns we had left at home, BAM, healthy awesome burger. As always, topped with some maldon salt and since I’ve recently become obsessed with Jewel’s guacamole, I had some of that with pita chips again. So good it felt wrong.


HAL #38 – The UN convention

Yes, this is a very international HAL – Spanish fried cabbage with flax seed and garlic, Mexican guacamole (that still surprises me because I cannot believe Jewel makes such mind-blowing high-quality guacamole and sells it for so cheap, this is really good stuff) and Indian pita chips! So many countries in just one plate. Healthy, flavorful and amazing.DSC08753

HAL #37 – Garlic asparagus + flax seed pasta

I’ve been to busy in the past few months doing revisions to my PhD dissertation to post much… so I though today I would get caught up with some overdue posts. First up, this amazing HAL that is a good balance between carbs and diuretic veggies: a quick stir fry with asparagus and garlic – with some maldon salt to intensify flavor – and some pasta with homemade tomato sauce and plenty of flax seed. Yum!


HAL #34 – Pirogis with greens!

Today’s Healthy Awesome Lunch – YUUUUUUUM. That’s all it was. Period. Ok no. It was awesome spinach pirogis accompanied by some stir fried asparagus, green beans and boiled Brussels sprouts.

Awesome x100. Seriously. Yum.


HAL #33 – Spanish Paella (again…) with leftover Wedding veggies!

Today’s Healthy Awesome Lunch – Well, more like yesterday’s Healthy Awesome Dinner – was an awesome paella mixed with veggies that were left from Bry’s older brother’s wedding. Those pimientos really make a difference in flavor when you add them to Spanish Paella. All mixed with some good old boiled chicken. Yummers!