About Me

Photography – while not my career – is one of my passions in life, cooking is a very entertaining hobby.

I will take pictures of anything and everything, though I admit to have a tendency for close-ups and smooth bokeh. As an education professional specializing in Literature, photography and cooking are my two favorite outlets for the stress that comes with working in academia.

In my blog you will find graphical content for the most part – one of the main inspirations will certainly be culinary, but expect to find a plethora of artistic directions in my posts as well as some DIY cooking/tech guides with an average Joe type intended audience.

Hopefully my pictures will encourage you to cook more & more healthy, giving you more energy to head out and exercise photography!

~txabi / Xabier Granja



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello there,

    Greetings from San francisco Bay area!

    I know it might sound really creepy. I was recently infatuated with “Little Boots” her music — found her song “Shake” while shopping at Uniqlo and was searching for acoustic version of her older song “Remedy” and I found this link :

    Was that you playing the piano ?

    It was a really nice cover I have to say 🙂

    Then with a little help from Google, I found your blog 🙂

    And to my big surprise, you are married to your lovely man! Congrats!

    Cheers and keep on the greater work !


    • Hello Gabe!

      Yes, that is indeed me playing on YouTube. There’s more videos like that in my channel, if you enjoy this kind of music cover. I wish I had more time to record more, but it’s been a while sadly. I’ve been working on Adele’s Hello and I have it ready to go, but never find time to actually record the thing. Hopefully soon!

      Take care and happy new year – in a couple days!


  2. Hello Xabier, I love your youtube videos so much, and wanted to say congrats!! They sound really very good 🙂
    I love Madoonna and I listened your “Girl Gona Wild” amazing cover.. I wish I have a change singing it with your piano accompaintment in a studio 🙂


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